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State Dental Assistance Programs

State Dental Assistance Programs do not normally operate on a stand-alone basis. More commonly, State Dental Assistance is provided as a part of Medicaid and related medical assistance programs administered by the State. Income and eligibility requirements apply for such dental assistance programs. State Dental Assistance typically focuses on the under 21 population, so dental assistance for adults is frequently very limited in scope. For information about dental assistance available through State Medicaid programs, as well as the eligibility requirements to participate in these programs, please follow the relevant State link below.

Individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid benefits may be able to find dental assistance through State Dental Health Programs and other Community Dental Programs. Although these sources most often work in conjunction with State Medicaid programs, in certain States they facilitate dental assistance to low-income individuals and families who do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid.

Individuals wanting dental assistance may also want to consider services offered by Dental Clinics at U.S. Dental Schools. These facilities do not provide dental assistance programs per se, but they do provide dental services at below market rates to individuals who meet certain criteria.